Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Application Process: 538

FiveThirtyEight is offering an unpaid internship in DC for the next three months. I starred it on Google Reader as soon as I received it. Then sat on it and debated.

An unpaid internship at a point when my cost of living is the highest its ever been? Not even a tiny $100 a week stipend?

But to work for FiveThirtyEight, a widely read and respected blog...to actually be doing something that matters, that would effect people on a much higher level than temping and working at a bookstore. Plus, it would only be for three months.

As Dan put it, its cheaper than a lottery ticket. I can imagine this new life for myself, this life where I get this awesome internship and budget my way through it. I prove myself as an awesome reporter for the website and everyone has to admit that I have a way with words.

After that, Barack Obama wants me in his administration to write the White House blog. Or to do legislative research. Or even to enter data, because I am a fast, focused typist.

Finally, I'd be doing something I like: writing for a living.

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